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We are creating a movement to put back the power in the hands of job seekers, and you can help us achieve that!

If you are a previous or a current job search insider student and you have seen the benefits of the training course, please don't make it stop there; you can refer us to other job seekers and make some extra money! 

If you are a blogger, a recruiter, or you have an audience of job seekers, you can help them and at the same time you can earn hundreds of dollars off a single email, blog, or a video.
25% commission
We pay out 25% commissions for any payments made by your referrals... that’s one of the highest commissions in any industry.

The money will be deposited straight into your PayPal account approximately 30 days after the end of the sales month. Hassle-free and guaranteed!
Affiliate Page
Job Search Insider Affiliate Page is a simple one-stop shop to help our affiliates track their commissions and referrals. 

Log in to the Training Portal and you will find a link to your affiliate page, where you can have a comprehensive overview of your earnings or to run a report.

As a affiliate, you will get unique links for you to send to your contacts, use in your marketing, or add to your website. In order to get credit for a new referral, make sure that your referrals use your unique link.

You can manage your affiliate settings and account information including your PayPal address or your password.
As a Referral Affiliate, you will: 
- Earn monthly commission payments for referred job seekers

- Track your referrals from your link in your Affiliate Page

- Enjoy unlimited earning potential and no cap on commissions

- Earn 25% of any monthly payment made by each of your referrals

- and most important... you will help job seekers find their next dream jobs!

The Job Search Insider referral program is absolutely free with no binding contracts, commitments or minimum sales requirements.

Start earning commissions today.

Sign up today and start earning commissions 

Thank you for your interest in joining our referral program and helping job seekers- we're looking forward to working with you!

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