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Why is it so hard to find jobs these days?

Are you actively searching for jobs? feeling frustrated, stuck, lost, and have started doubting yourself? Well... you are not alone, and it is definitely NOT your fault!

Watch this 10 minutes video to know why it is so hard to find jobs these days, and how we can help!

Imagine you have the power to control your future, where:

You clearly identify the jobs that suit you and make you happy!

People looking at your profile or resume say wow!
You know exactly where to find jobs!

Recruiters and hiring managers contact you constantly for jobs you have applied for and for jobs you didn’t know about!

You feel confident and your time and effort are utilized wisely

Interviewers are impressed and want to see you again!

You have multiple job offers!

You finally get the job you love and deserve!

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

Have you wished there was a guide to show you how to do all that?

Look no more; this training course is made for you!
The Solution
Job Search Insider - The Complete Job Search Training Course - is an online comprehensive training course that will help you find your next dream job through offering a step-by-step guidance on:
How to discover your potential
How to promote or market yourself
How to actually find and apply for jobs
How to prepare for interviews
Bonus: What to do after starting your new job
Bonus: How entrepreneurs think
Who can benefit from this training course?
Experienced job seekers currently unemployed
Experienced job seekers currently employed but searching for other jobs
Fresh graduates and students approaching graduation
Immigrants and people moving to new locations
People desiring to switch careers
Job Search Insider is not for you if ...
You are looking for survival jobs or just any job as long as it pays the bills
You are not open to adjusting the way you do things
You only want to watch the training videos but not ready to do the assignments
You think you know it all
Otherwise, Job Search Insider is perfect for you!
Stage 1
​​Discover Your Potential

Identify your strengths, and what makes you “you”

Open your eyes to different work possibilities, and different ways of generating income

Discover and specify where you can be a good fit

Focus your efforts on jobs that best suit you

Watch Introduction Video ›

Stage 2
Promote Yourself

Discover the different marketing tools you can use to show who you really are

Learn what personal brand means and how to articulate your own personal brand

Create a killer resume and cover letter

Understand what keywords mean and how the ATS works

Utilize the capabilities of LinkedIn in showing who you are

Prepare the logistics and supporting materials

Create online presence to attract employers who are searching on the internet for top talent

Learn the benefits of joining job search groups and having a mentor

Stage 3
Find Your Opportunity

Build a solid job search strategy to find relevant jobs and employers looking for candidates like you

Realize the link between employers and job seekers

Get familiar with the evolution of recruitment

Clarify what the visible and hidden job markets mean, and where the jobs are

Understand the 14 different job search techniques and the effectiveness of each one of them

Learn how to choose from the different job search techniques

Learn what to do in each job search technique

Know how much effort you should spend and on what

Watch Introduction Video ›

Stage 4
Prepare For Interviews

Get familiar with all types of interview questions and be ready to answer most of them

Know what to do before, during, and after the interview

Know how to show your skills and personality and how to relate them to the job you are interviewing for

Learn how to build a personal connection with interviewers and convince them that you are the one they need to hire​​​​

Learn how to negotiate your job offer

Watch Introduction Video ›
Job Search Insider is different from any other resource
Job Search Insider is unlike any other training available online: completing the training course has saved me months of investigation on job search strategies and has answered most of the questions I had about the recruitment process.

The videos, resources and templates provided in each training lecture definitely help to save a lot of time searching for the perfect plan of action.

Sarah L., International Aid Worker
Job Search Insider helped me identify and set clear search job goals, understand the recruiters' side of the process, utilize and expand my network, as well as build a strong personal brand.

If you are looking to get the most out of the application process, Job Search Insider is the one-stop shop to maximize your chances of securing the right job for you.

Fred Jouni, Financial Officer

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